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Condenser Pads & Air Conditioners

Explore top-quality A/C units, heat pumps, and accessories at F.W. Webb. An air conditioner removes humidity and heat and makes the air cold and clean to improve comfort and quality. We carry durable air conditioning units from trusted makers Haier, Guardian, and York so you can find the right fit for a home or commercial business. An air source heat pump is an easy-to-install, energy-efficient heating or cooling option in any home; the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ration (SEER) of the heat pumps in our collection ranges from 14 to 19, saving costs and producing fewer carbon emissions. An inverter pump includes innovative technology that allows the compressor and fan to function at different speeds when cooling or heating an area. Consider a quality inverter-driven heat pump that starts up softly and operates quietly for optimal performance in an office or home.

Portable Air Conditioners, Accessories & Parts

If you need a small air conditioning unit for an office, apartment, or compact space, a portable system is a convenient option to control the temperature in a single area. A portable room air conditioner also cuts down on energy usage and its ductless operation saves space. We carry A/C and heat pump accessories, including covers, drain hoses, and hard start devices from trusted makers Source 1, Rectorseal, and HVAC Equipment to maintain and support your unit. Additional A/C and heat pump parts for maintenance and repairs include compressors, motors, and temperature sensors that monitor the air temperature in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration systems. A condenser pad provides a flat and stable surface under an outdoor air conditioning unit and protects against weather damage. Explore top-quality condenser pads from trusted maker Diversitech to find the right fit for an outdoor A/C unit.

Split Stands, Condensate Pumps & Replacement Parts

Protect an outdoor condenser, heat pump, or double pan by installing a sturdy steel split stand; this wall bracket mounts onto the unit to create an accessible platform that elevates the system off the ground to protect against adverse weather conditions. A condensate pump is a key component of an air conditioner or condenser, pumping condensed water and moisture to the exterior of a residence; condensate pumps are commonly used in areas without a gravity drain. Made in galvanized steel, plastic, or ABS, the condensate pumps and parts in our selection are durable enough to stand up to regular everyday use in a business or home. Use essential repair parts to update an existing air conditioning system; explore A/C and heat pump replacement parts from trusted maker Source 1 to find the right match for the unit.

Browse A/C units, heat pumps, and accessories at F.W. Webb and discover trusted, reliable parts to repair or maintain a residential or commercial air conditioner.