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Reliable High-Temperature & Low-Temperature Baseboards

Explore an assortment of baseboard heating and accessories at F.W. Webb. A high-temperature hydronic baseboard, considered a traditional radiator, heats up to 70 to 90 degrees; it can warm an individual space such as a home office, bedroom, living room, or guest room, but it can also heat an entire residence. Browse reliable options for cast iron and brass high-temperature and hydronic baseboards from trusted makers, including Sterling, Embassy Baseboard, and Suntemp. Conversely, a low-temperature baseboard heats up to 50 degrees, making it an economic and environmentally friendly option for your home. Constructed in sturdy materials, our collection of low-temperature radiators can withstand normal daily use when placed in a home or commercial space.

To protect adults, young children, and pets from accidental burns, consider an enclosure to cover your baseboard; we carry sizes ranging from two to eight feet in length. The enclosure also instantly updates the look of a dented or worn baseboard with a clean, modern design. Find a baseboard heating enclosure from top brands Suntemp, Embassy Baseboard, and Sterling. We also offer baseboard heating accessories for a radiator update; choose from end caps, outside and inside corners, elements, wall trims, and joiners to complete the aesthetic.

Browse high-quality baseboard heating and accessories from trusted brands at F.W. Webb and find the right option for your home.