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Automation Controls & HVCAR Switches

Browse an assortment of top-quality heat and air controls at F.W. Webb. A control board is the center of an HVAC operating system; it powers the thermostats that control the temperature of a building and monitors the sensor input. Explore building automation and commercial HVAC controls from trusted makers Source 1 and Johnson Controls to find the right match for your facility. A capacitor is a component of an HVAC system that stores electrical energy with the terminals inside connected with metal plates; this automated control boosts voltage and reduces losses.

Contactors, Limit Controls & Freeze Thermostats

A contactor turns a motor or electrical switch on and off in an HVAC system. Browse a collection of contactors that offer amperage ranging from 20 to 120 AMP to find the right device for the space. Use a limit switch in machinery or manufacturing applications to protect a furnace from damage and overheating; this automated control turns off the gas supply to the burners when the temperature is too high. Explore fan and limit controls from trusted makers, including White Rodgers, Mars, and Source 1. Connect a temperature monitor with a freeze alarm to a radiator, heat exchanger, air conditioner, or another appliance to add protection against frozen pipes and low-temperature issues. We carry a selection of top-quality freeze thermostats so you can find an option that works best in a residential or commercial environment.

Heating & Pneumatic Controls

Ensure an HVAC/R system continues to maintain the right temperature with essential components, including oil filters that keep the unit free of debris and pressure switches that control operations inside. Browse options in HVAC/R and heating controls from trusted makers Siemens and Johnson Controls to find the right parts for an existing system. Control valves for pneumatic systems include globe valves, actuators, and tees that help the unit run efficiently. Made in bronze, aluminum, or brass, these pneumatic control valves are durable and strong enough for everyday use. We also carry a collection of pneumatic controls; a switch uses air to activate devices in public facilities, including spas, hospital beds, and toilets, while a thermostat takes air pressure measurements to monitor the cooling and heating temperatures in a building with an existing pneumatic unit.

Switches, Relays & Controllers

Relays and switches are used to open and close circuits in an HVAC/R system, powering the equipment on or off. Made in brass or cast aluminum, these HVAC/R switches and relays can stand up to the normal everyday operation of the unit. A controller monitors and senses the temperature in an HVAC/R system so that it continues to run at an optimal level. Explore reliable temperature controllers and sensors from top makers Honeywell, Johnson Controls, and Source 1 to find the best fit for a new or existing system. A programmable thermostat allows you to customize the indoor temperature in a residential or commercial setting, while a WiFi unit connects to the internet for easy control through a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Find programmable, WiFi, pneumatic, non-programmable, and smart thermostats at F.W. Webb.

Explore reliable heat and air controls at F.W. Webb and find the right fit for a home or commercial facility.