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Heating Timers & Electric Baseboards for Residential Use

Browse a selection of top-quality baseboard radiators and heating accessories at F.W. Webb. Install an electric baseboard radiator on the floor to save space and add an efficient and cost-effective option that heats an entire home or individual room evenly. Made in durable welded steel, these radiators can withstand normal daily use in your residence. The electric baseboards in our collection range in size from three to ten feet, so you can find the perfect model for your home.

We also carry an assortment of electric heating accessories for your system. The timers allow you to schedule heating accessories, including towel warmers, to come on at a specified time that fits your routine. Find electric heating timers with programmable, easy-to-use switches from trusted makers Myson and Runtal.

Explore reliable options in baseboard radiators and heating accessories at F.W. Webb and select the right components for your home.