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Stove Pipe Fittings & Direct Vent Systems

F.W. Webb offers top-quality options in flue venting and accessories for residential and commercial applications. Use venting to relieve pressure in an appliance powered by fuel, including a water heater, chimney, fireplace, boiler, or furnace.

Explore our collection of fuel venting products to find the right components for your needs, including ceiling support boxes and roof flashings. To vent an HVAC/R system, explore B-vent gas vent pipes and fittings that include flashing used to prevent leaks around exhaust pipes extending from the roof. Browse top-quality options from trusted makers Hart & Cooley and Duravent to find the right parts for an existing system. Corrosion-resistant metal venting and pipes are sturdy enough to stand up to everyday use; install a metal cap on the top of a chimney to prevent damage and keep out rain and pests, or opt for an increaser/reducer that enlarges or lessens the diameter of the duct pipe.

Venting Systems, Stove Pipes & Termination Kits

Use DuraBlack venting to safely connect a wood stove to a manufactured chimney; these adapters help direct gasses from inside the unit to the outside of a home or building. Made in stainless steel, DuraBlack vent adapters are long-lasting and hold up against normal wear and tear. Top maker Z Flex offers top-quality venting pipes, adapters, and components for installing a system and sturdy chimney liners that create a barrier in a gas-fired heating appliance, wood stove, or fireplace to provide safety against fire hazards and reduce heat loss. Stove pipe fittings and vents connect a heating or cooling appliance to the chimney or flue with vent kits; browse reliable exhaust fans, hoods, and fan provers from Tjernlund to help you get the job done. If you need venting for a high-efficiency HVAC/R appliance, consider concentric and horizontal termination; browse termination kits from trusted maker Source 1 to find the right match for an existing system.

Field Controls & Duraflex Venting Systems

A power venter is an important component of a venting system, integrating the motor, blower, and hood all in one unit for a gas or oil furnace, water heater, or boiler. Browse reliable vent solutions from Field Controls to find the right match for the related appliance; use adapters and venting from Duraflex to connect the system and maximize its performance. A direct vent system is slightly different, containing two parts that hold room for exhaust and combustion intake air; the exhaust then exits through a wall or roof. These direct vent pro venting systems are made of aluminum, stainless steel, or polypropylene, durable materials that can withstand the daily operation of a residential or commercial system.

Browse flue venting at F.W. Webb and select the best options for your home or commercial facility.