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Split System Indoor & Outdoor Units

Browse reliable options in mini-split ductless systems at F.W. Webb. A standard outdoor unit plays an essential role, releasing heat from the refrigerant to cool down a ductless HVAC system; explore top-quality outdoor systems from trusted makers Samsung and Haier to find the best fit. In a split system outdoor unit, the compressor and condenser are integrated, connecting to the indoor unit with copper tubes, ideal for residential or commercial applications.

Multi-Zone Mini-Splits & Accessories

Use a split system indoor unit to heat or cool a home office, bedroom, living room, studio, or another small area in a residence; these systems mount on a high wall and use small air handlers to get the space to the right temperature. Add flexibility to your home or commercial facility with a multi-zone mini-split. With up to eight zones included, this mini-split HVAC system can set different hot or cold temperatures for each room in a home or business. Find mini-split accessories to add protection to your existing unit; a stand provides a stable and secure platform, while hail guards and baffles safeguard against the elements and wind. Use additional mini-split parts to update or make repairs to a system for optimal performance; fan motors are vital for establishing the desired temperature in a ductless system and protecting against overheating, while thermistor assemblies produce electrical resistance.

Explore high-quality mini-split ductless systems at F.W. Webb and find the right options for a residential or commercial space.