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F.W. Webb offers PEX products for your residential and commercial plumbing applications. PEX fittings, manifolds, and tubes are constructed in cross-linked polyethylene plastic and used for hot and cold water supply lines. We offer PEX plastic and brass fittings in assorted shapes and sizes to connect pipes and direct water flow in a plumbing system; explore elbows and tees to reduce flow or change direction, couplings to extend a run of PEX tubing, end caps used to block a pipe during testing, and clamps that tighten and hold everything together. Manifolds feature several ports that feed multiple PEX lines for easy organization; find a manifold with as few as 4 branches and as many as 10 to meet your needs. PEX manifolds and fittings are easy to connect and don't require the use of solvent-based glue to form a tight bond.

Available in sticks or coils, PEX tubing is more flexible than traditional copper or metal and is color-coded for temperature so you can make a quick connection during replacement or repair. PEX hand tools include crimpers, cutters, and air cocks specially designed to work with this type of tubing, ideal for DIY and home projects. Maintain plumbing pipes and complete large jobs with PEX power tools from jaw compacts to expander kits. Use brackets, clips, and PEX hangers to support pipes hanging from a ceiling or wall.

Browse the options and find sturdy, durable fittings, manifolds, tools, and hangers to repair and maintain your PEX pipes and tubing.