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Top-Quality Valves for Home & Commercial Plumbing

F.W. Webb offers a selection of reliable valves that support plumbing systems and fixtures. From air admittance valves for proper ventilation to y-strainers that remove solids from your water lines, you'll find products that support plumbing systems in and around your home or business.

Typically installed inside an enclosure above the ground outdoors, a backflow prevention valve applies pressure within a piping system to push water in one direction; these valves remove debris and prevent contaminants from entering a water supply line. A backwater valve pushes back an overflow of water to prevent flooding; install it into the sewage line between your home and the public system. Balance valves and circuit setters keep everything running smoothly within the HVAC system; they regulate temperature to avoid excess energy usage. Made from durable PVC, bronze, stainless steel, and brass, backflow prevention, balancing, and backwater valves are resistant to corrosion and chemicals.

Browse our collection of ball valves and find essential components that divert, switch, combine, and shut off water flow, making them multi-functional fixtures in your plumbing system. A check valve prevents water flow from reversing to keep your pipes running smoothly; install a sturdy check valve at the lowest elevation in the plumbing system so the weight of the water can seal it shut. A mixing valve controls the blend of hot and cold water in the plumbing system to create a comfortable temperature when it leaves the tap; this automatic adjustment can help prevent burns and injury. A temperature and pressure relief valve is located at the top of a water heater; it releases small amounts of water to lower pressure within the tank and protect your system from overheating or exploding.

Use regulators and reducing valves to decrease excessive water pressure in your plumbing system and keep the pipes safe and functioning well. We carry a selection of pressure regulators, pressure-reducing valves with gauges, and relief valves in assorted sizes to meet your needs. Keep your sump pump operating in top running order with a durable check or swing check valve made in PVC, cast iron, plastic, and other durable materials that can handle water flow without corroding or rusting over time. Browse our collection to find laboratory valves specifically designed for use in special settings to distribute water, steam, and gasses for tests and projects. Browse a selection of isolation valves from F.W. Webb and find the right products for your tankless water heater. A tankless water heater isolation valve is essential when performing routine maintenance; it allows access to cold water when you disconnect the tankless heater from the plumbing system.

Trap primers and seals keep sewage backflow, bacteria, pests, and gasses from escaping a drain; find sturdy options from top makers Precision, Watts, and Rectorseal. We also carry sensors, timers, and accessories that keep your washing machine running well; browse washing machine valves and shut-offs in a variety of materials, end connections, and sizes to find the right option for your home. Water stop valves are usually found where the plumbing pipe comes through the wall, typically behind the toilet or under a sink, so they're easy to access when you need to turn your water on or off.

Explore plumbing valves and parts from top makers to find the best products and accessories for your home and commercial applications.