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Durable Radiant PEX Tubing and Accessories

The collection of radiant PEX at F.W. Webb features tubing and accessories made from a versatile material specifically engineered to work with high-temperature heating systems. Commonly used by plumbers, builders, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts, PEX, or cross-linked polyethylene, is found in pipes, fittings, and tubings that support plumbing, HVAC, and boiler systems. Discover radiant PEX tubing and injection mixers for a boiler, heated flooring system, or radiant baseboard. PEX fittings connect one piece of tubing to another and come in an array of types and shapes to help make laying out your tubing easy. Find radiant PEX controls including valve actuators, control modules, and thermostats that keep your radiant heat set up at the perfect temperature. Radiant PEX manifolds come in sizes and valve capacities to suit rooms large and small, while PEX supports and PEX fasteners help reduce kinks and breakage as you run radiant heating tubes from one end of the room to the other. Find radiant PEX heating panels with aluminum backing for optimal heat retention and safety, and pre-fab indentations to accommodate the tubes. Or, opt for electric radiant mats for easy installation. Create a thermal barrier beneath your slab with PEX insulation or an easy-to-install insultarp. Lastly, complete your radiant heating set-up with a manifold cabinet. Select an in-wall cabinet or choose a free-standing option if you have the necessary floor space. Whether you're adding a radiant heating system for the first time, or simply updating your existing set-up, the collection of PEX supplies from F.W. Webb contains the tubing and accessories you're looking for.