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High-Efficiency, Direct Vent & Radiant Heaters

Explore a collection of top-quality wall furnaces and space heaters. A standard-efficiency direct-vent wall heater warms a studio apartment, small space, or home office efficiently. Browse natural gas and propane options from trusted maker Empire to find the right fit. A mid-efficiency direct-vent wall heater is also ideal for a small space and keeps operating costs low, heating an area quickly while maintaining an AFUE efficiency of 80 to 82 percent.

High-Efficiency & Vent-Free Wall Heating

A high-efficiency direct-vent wall heater is eco-friendly and includes features not found on a standard unit; it reduces fuel consumption while heating a room addition, garage, or home office. Browse our collection of high-efficiency heaters offering an AFUE rating ranging from 90 to 98.5 percent to find the right model for your space. Use a vent-free heater to provide energy-efficient, supplemental heating to a windowless area, such as a family room, basement, or utility room. Explore ventless heater units from trusted makers, including Rinnai and Empire, to select the best model.

Forced Air & Tent Heaters

A forced air space heater is a portable option that circulates warm air to heat a room rapidly with a heated internal element and fan. Constructed in sturdy steel, the forced air space heaters in our collection can stand up to normal everyday operation. Enjoy your activities with a top-quality tent heater. This type of heater warms a garage, job site enclosure, canopy tent at an event, or other small space during cold nights; make sure there's an electric hook-up to plug in this unit.

Convection & Radiant Heater Systems

A convection heater uses currents that travel throughout the air to warm a residence, garage, or home office rapidly and efficiently. Explore our selection of convection heaters made in corrosion-resistant, durable steel. Hold onto warmth in a small room during cold winter months with a radiant heater; it heats the objects, surfaces, and people close to the unit instead of the air itself. This type of heater doesn't use forced air, an ideal choice for users with allergies or asthma.

Browse wall furnaces and space heaters at F.W. Webb and find the right unit for your residence or commercial facility.