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Explore an assortment of stainless steel tubes and fittings at F.W. Webb. Use sanitary stainless steel tube fittings in industries where high hygienic levels are required, including food, industrial, and medical. These strong fittings are easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, and limit the infiltration of bacteria. 304 and 316 seamless tubing offer many advantages, including high-pressure toleration, uniform shapes, and versatility in industrial applications. Made in chromium, nickel, and molybdenum, our collection of seamless tubing is durable and resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and chlorine.

Stainless Steel, Brass Tube Fittings & Ball Valves

Stainless steel and brass tube fittings offer many benefits for plumbing or piping systems, including resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. Use elbows to change the fluid flow direction and sturdy reducers to transform pipe size. Explore top-quality options in tube ball valves from trusted maker Tylok for specific industrial applications; 2-way tube ball valves regulate or control flow in one direction using a hand lever and two ports.

Browse stainless steel tubes and fittings at F.W. Webb and find the right fit for your piping needs.