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Closet Flanges & Toilet Seals for the Bathroom

Browse an assortment of toilet and urinal installation parts at F.W. Webb. A closet flange secures a toilet to the floor and connects it to the drain pipe. This type of pipe fitting is necessary for toilet installation to prevent sewer leakage and keep the floor underneath from rotting. Constructed in stainless steel, cast brass, PVC, cast iron, ABS, and plastic, these closet flanges are built to stand up to daily use.

We offer sturdy closet bolts, wax rings, and seals from top makers, including Hercules, Fernco, Walrich, and Harvey. These components are essential in a toilet or urinal installation; two closet bolts fit into the flange to anchor the toilet to the floor. A wax ring creates an airtight seal on the bottom of the unit to protect against leaking and water damage for up to 30 years. Made of brass, PVC, and nylon, these seals, wax rings, and closet bolts are durable enough to hold up in a busy bathroom setting.

Explore our selection of toilet and urinal installation parts and find heavy-duty options for home or commercial plumbing projects.