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Propane, Natural Gas, Oil, and Electric Unit Heaters

Explore the collection of unit heaters at F.W. Webb and find options in a range of BTU outputs and power types, alongside the parts and accessories you need to complete the set-up. Hydronic unit heaters from Modine and Spacepak come in vertical and horizontal configurations, remote-controlled wall units, and surface-mount cabinet varieties. Propane unit heaters and gas unit heaters include high-efficiency and separated combustion options to allow you to choose the perfect model to heat your space. We carry a limited supply of oil unit heaters and electric unit heaters for older homes or houses with HVAC systems that accommodate these heater types. Convenient infrared propane tube heaters and high-intensity radiant heaters work great in rooms with high ceilings, covered outdoor spaces, or other hard-to-heat areas. Propane and natural gas tube heaters and high-intensity radiant heaters are most commonly used to heat large outdoor or indoor areas with ultra-high ceilings. Complete the setup of your heating system with unit heat parts and accessories, including swivel brackets, quick slings, control boards, and fan motors. Bring your home or commercial space to the perfect warmth with a unit heater from the collection at F.W. Webb.