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Sink Strainers, Bathtub & Shower Drains & Floor Sinks

Browse top-quality drains and carriers at F.W. Webb to find the best options for a kitchen, bathroom, or commercial space. Our collection includes reliable products to complete a residential or commercial plumbing project, whether it's selecting a new strainer or stopper for a kitchen sink, adding support to a wall-hanging fixture, or replacing a toilet's flush valve.

We offer sturdy toilet carriers, sink carriers, and urinal carriers to reinforce these wall-hanging plumbing fixtures in a commercial or residential bathroom. Our selection of bathtub and shower drains features quality components for a bathroom project, including drain strainers, flanges, and waste and overflow assemblies. To update your bathroom sink drain, explore our choices for plug kits, assemblies, grid strainers, and pop-up drains, available in various finishes and materials to best fit a lavatory's style.

A durable expansion tank regulates your water heater's pressure. Made in steel and copper, our expansion tanks are resilient and strong enough for daily use. Our tubular water supply parts, including P-traps, tailpieces, waste arms, and bottle traps, regulate water flow in a kitchen, bathroom, basement, or laundry area's plumbing system.

We carry the correct plumbing parts for any potential flooding situation. A floor sink with a drain grate acts as a waste receptor, most commonly found in commercial kitchens. Our floor sinks are made in durable PVC, porcelain, and plastic that hold up under everyday use. Create easy access to a clogged sewer or plumbing line with a floor cleanout. For floor and roof drainage products, roof drains direct water into gutters to reduce the chance of flooding, while floor drains in outdoor areas, showers, and laundry rooms prevent water build-up and sewer odors. Select options from the most trusted makers, including Watts, Sioux Chief, and American Brass & Aluminum.

Whatever kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor project you're working on, you can find the best options in drains and carriers at F.W. Webb.